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Case IH balers are known for producing greater bale density, more efficiency and greater productivity. Choose from round balers, small square balers, or large square balers to best fit your operation.

Round Balers
5 Models, 3.9x4-5x6 ft (1.19x1.2-1.52x1.83m) Bale Size: Case IH RB5 Series round balers consistently build dense round bales, even in varying crop and field conditions. Choose from five models, known for wide pickups, durable belts and rolls, and the ability to custom-build round bales.

Small Square Balers
5 Models, 35 – 80 HP PTO Required: Produce high-quality hay bales season after season. With rugged construction and high-capacity features, Case IH small square balers provide the performance and efficiency you need.

Large Square Baler
2 Models, 32” – 47” Bale Width: The Case IH LB4 series large square balers are designed to provide more capacity, greater bale density, and greater efficiency than ever before. Make short work of the hay season.