Corporate Management Team

Meet the Team
  • Wayne Hunt
    Wayne Hunt
  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt
    Vice President
  • Ronnie Barnett
    Ronnie Barnett
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ross Morgan
    Ross Morgan
    Special Projects Manager
  • Bill Swinney
    Bill Swinney
    Internal Auditor
  • David Gibson
    David Gibson
    Wholesale Division
  • nathan a
    Nathan Austill
    Northern Regional Manager
    Ph: 270-484-5841
  • jim l
    Jim Lancaster
    Central Regional Manager
    Ph: 270-498-3835
  • Greg Burch
    Greg Burch
    Western Operations Manager
  • Jeff Morgan
    Jeff Morgan
    Western Regional Manager
  • Ryan Polete
    Ryan Polete
    Southern Regional Manager
    Ph: 270-348-6430
  • Josh Arnall 4
    Josh Arnall
    Finance and Insurance Manager
    Ph: 270-886-3918
  • Jonathan Darby
    Jon Darby
    New Inventory Manager
  • Nathan K
    Nathan Kenady
    Used Inventory Manager
    Ph: 270-839-2561
  • Eddie Knight
    Eddie Knight
    Parts Coordinator
    Ph: 270-889-8979
  • Kyle Putty
    Kyle Putty
    Service Coordinator
    Ph: 270-889-4025
  • Picture2
    Nick Rust
    Precision Coordinator
    Ph: 270-839-0285
  • Diane Simpson
    Diane Simpson
    Human Resource Manager
  • steph
    Stephanie McQueen
    Marketing Coordinator
    Ph: 270-484-7912