Ferris FAST-Vac® Collection System

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This FAST-Vac® system is built around a super-tough, high-volume side panel air induction system that reduces clogging and produces significantly more air volume than conventional commercial mower attachment systems. The rugged impeller, built using industrial grade bearings, generates a phenomenal airflow to pull in a large amount of grass clippings over a long day of landscaping. Its spindle-driven vertical turbo is narrower, allowing you to get in and out of tight places. No tools are required after the mower attachment has been installed to switch from grass bagging to non-bagging.


Model Triple Bag Soft Top (13 Cubic Feet) Triple Bag Hard Top (15 Cubic Feet)
 IS® 3200Z  61"  61"
 IS® 2100Z  52"/61"  52"/61"
 IS® 700Z  52"/61"  52"/61"
 F320Z  61"  61"
 F210Z  61"  61"
 F160Z  52"  52"


Model Electric DFS (13 Cubic Feet)
 IS® 3200Z  61"
 IS® 2100Z  52"/61"
 IS® 700Z  52"/61"
 F320Z  61"
 F210Z  61"
 F160Z  52"


Model EZ Dump™ (12 Cubic Feet) EZ Dump XL™ (14 Cubic Feet)
 IS® 3200Z    61"
 IS® 2100Z  52"/61"  
 IS® 700Z    
 F320Z    61"
 F210Z  61"  61"
 F160Z  52"  
 F800X    61"