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Performance Features
  • Cutting widths from 60" to 84"
  • Quick-Hitch Ready
  • Gearbox Ratings up to 130 HP
  • Taller Sidebands Increase Cutting Efficiency
Construction Features
  • Taller Sidebands increase cutting volume & clipping efficiency
  • 1/4” Skids run half the length of the cutter
  • Rear Band is continuously welded and curved to add strength
  • Formed Tailwheel Bracket is welded to the deck, providing strength
  • Puncture-proof laminated tailwheels
  • Quick Hitch compatibility

Safety Features

  • PTO Shield
  • Front Deflector
  • Rear Metal Band
  • Front Chains
  • Rear Chains


Model BH317
Cutting Width (in) 84
Cutting Height (in) 2-12
Cutting Capacity (in) 3
Hitch Type Cat 2 or 3 Std & QH
Deck Thickness (ga) 10
Sidebands 11-3/4" x 10 ga
Driveline ASAE Cat 4
Driveline Protection Slip-Clutch
Gearbox Rating (PTO) 130
Tractor PTO Speed 540
Minimum Tractor HP 55
Blade Holder Round
Blades (in) 1/2 x 4 uplift
Blade Tip Speed (FPM) 14,450
Tires Single or Dual 16" Laminated
Safety Shielding Front and Rear Deflectors or Chains
Approximate Weight (lbs) 1051
Warranty 6Year Gearbox Warranty and 1 Year Limited Machine Warranty
Color Available in Red, Green, Orange, Blue