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Case IH Products SV340 Skid Steer Loader

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The SV340 features increased hydraulic performance thanks to increased High Flow system pressure to 3,450 psi, a stronger lift arm, H-link, and upper chassis. The CASE exclusive 4,000 psi Enhanced High-Flow (EHF) auxiliary hydraulic system is also available. The manifold valves have been changed to ductile iron (from aluminum), and both the hose material and tube wall thickness have been improved. The SV340’s gear pump has a higher-pressure rating and its auxiliary loader circuit has been upgraded to O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings (was JIC). Additional counterweights add stability and a new tire offering is available.


The SV340 employs a powerful SCR Tier 4 Final solution. Because SCR is an after-treatment system, it lets the engine breathe easier and run at peak performance, which translates to maximum power, lower operating temperatures and greater fuel efficiency. Plus, SCR is simple. No new filters. Just pour a little DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and go. A large, 25.5-gallon (96.5L) fuel tank also enables this skid steer to run all day without refueling. No regen to deal with or a costly DPF filter to replace.


Visibility and comfort remain exceptional with a sealed, 25% larger cab and thin wire side-screen design as well as a large, rounded rear window that provides an expansive glass surface area and a 360° view. Superior stability can be had even in the roughest of terrains with our Ride Control™ feature while nighttime visibility is enhanced with our exclusive side lighting. Choose between servo-assist mechanical H pattern controls or optional electro-hydraulic controls for versatility to change patterns and control sensitivity. Mechanical hand and foot controls also available.


When you buy a CASE, you want it to last. We make it easy. That’s why on our skid steer loaders, routine service points are all located at the rear of the machine, so you can quickly access the engine, filters, fill points and whatever you need to properly maintain and extend the life of the machine. On top of that, we also offer our famous easy-tilt cab for convenient access to the drivetrain compartment.


Lift Configuration Vertical
Engine FPT F5B FL413 E*B002
Gross Horsepower –hp (kW 90 (67)
Net Horsepower –hp (kW) 84 (63)
Peak Torque– lb ft (Nm) 282 (383)
Displacement/Cylinders–in³ (L) 207.0 (3.4)
Emissions Certification* Solutions Tier 4 Final (SCR)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 50%– lb (kg) 3,400 (1 545)
Tipping Load– lb (kg) 6,800 (3 090)
Bucket Cylinder Breakout Force–lb (kN) 9,531 (42.4)
Standard Auxiliary Hydraulics–gpm (L/min) 24.2 (91.5)
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics–gpm (L/min) 38.7 (146.5)
Operating Weight – lb (kg) 9,100 (4 136)
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 130.0 in (3.30 m)
Dump Height with Low-Profile Bucket** 100.6 in (2.56 m)
Height to Top of ROPS 78.8 in (2.00 m)
Overall Length with Low-Profile Bucket 148 in (3.76 m)
Over-the-Tire Width with Spec. Tires 69.6 in (1.77 m)