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Zimmatic By Lindsay

H & R Agri-Power is an authorized dealer for Zimmatic Irrigation Systems by Lindsay and travelers by ABI Irrigation. We offer turnkey irrigation solutions, from design and installation to maintenance and repairs, with parts and service to meet all your irrigation needs for any brand.

We are an authorized dealer for Agri-Inject fertigation, chemigation and insectigation equipment. We also offer diesel irrigation power units by Case-IH and Isuzu, as well as natural gas and propane power units by Buck's Engines.

Zimmatic Irrigation Systems by Lindsay

Made with high-quality materials and built with a tough, durable, field proven design that results in a longer and trouble-free system life, Zimmatic irrigation systems pay for themselves many times over their life span.

  • Get More Value Out of Less Water – Getting the correct amount of water on your crop at the right time is crucial to getting top yields, but it’s also important to apply it uniformly. Zimmatic irrigation systems bring a cost-effective solution to alleviate risk when the weather turns dry.

  • Increased Yields – Uniform application of water chemicals and fertilization generally results in improved plant yield growth and quality. A Zimmatic irrigation system can provide proper application to every part of your field throughout the growing season, even in those areas that are currently over or under irrigated.

  • Reduced Water & Chemical Waste – Because water and chemicals are applied uniformly over the field, a pivot or lateral system produces less waste, especially when compared to flood. With a Zimmatic system, you get even, precise water application across the field.

  • Lower Labor & Maintenance Costs – The Zimmatic system is automated, so no one has to move pipes or open and close gates. In fact, there’s virtually no labor required to apply water. Plus, remote control and monitoring options are available.


Exclusive components available only on Zimmatic pivots:

Exclusive Collector Ring Formed Outlets Uni-Kunckle Span Connector

Exclusive Collector Ring

  • External mount eliminates water flow restriction

  • Uninterrupted power for each tower drive unit

  • Completely encased in high quality fiberglass

Formed Outlets

  • Precisely matched threads for a watertight seal

  • 20-year warranty

  • Better performance than welded-on outlets, no rusting

Uni-Knuckle Span Connector

  • Heavy-duty universal joint

  • Stress-free flexibility on slopes up to 30%

  • Dependable support between spans

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ABI Irrigation

ABI Irrigation – GX Series Traveler Guns

Traveler guns are used to increase irrigation coverage in fields where you have pivots and for those fields with an irregular shape or configuration. The GX series provides economical irrigation using an efficient, accurate and patented turbine drive system with a low-pressure requirement. The simple drive system features an integral gearbox and turbine assembly directly driving the reel with accurate speed compensation and achieving the high speeds required for light application of water to delicate crops.

More Information on GX Series Travelers

ABI Irrigation - GX Series Traveler Guns

Agri-Inject Fertigation, Chemigation & Insectigation Equipment

Your irrigation system should do more than just apply water. That’s why H&R Agri-Power offers a full line of Agri-Inject products, the leader in agricultural injection systems used with irrigation. Apply the precise amount of fertilizer and crop protection products at precisely the right times during the growing season – a sound strategy for improving yields and reducing costs.

  • Precision application means superior results with less product

  • Timely application means greater effectiveness and efficiency

  • Simple, easy calibration

  • Environmentally sound; lower rates, reduced drift and lower labor and energy costs

  • Improved safety; reduced handling & lower operator exposure

Efficient, Reliable Power Units

Diesel, propane & natural gas power units available

P85 Irrigation Power Unit